[Snort-users] Snort and GTP encapsulation info

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Thu Feb 9 06:10:37 EST 2017

Thanks Joel,

I didn't know this tool until know, very useful. Now, I have run it with my last snort.u2 log, but I can not get any gtp information.

As I said I have already enabled gtp in my config file. Should I use any special option when running Snort to obtain this gtp information?


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It may not be a field that is inserted into the db.  It may be in the unified2 output file that you can access with u2spewfoo in the contrib/ directory.

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On Feb 8, 2017, at 2:54 PM, Ana Serrano Mamolar <B00315494 at ...17757...<mailto:B00315494 at ...17757...>> wrote:

Hi all,
Again with an encapsulation question.
I am trying to understand how Snort manage GTP encapsulation, that I know that is supported. I already enable gtp in my config file by " config enable_gtp".
I run Snort with different pcaps that I have that include GTP and trying to see which info I obtained from Snort with a very silly rule to be sure that is triggerred.
My question is the following: Does somebody know where in the database is stored the TEID ( tunnel identifier ) of the packet that triggered the alert? . I have seen in Snort source code that it's parsed. But then I can not find it in the database.
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