[Snort-users] Barnyard2 loads src IP and dst IP as digital in MySQL

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Tue Feb 7 20:22:51 EST 2017

On 02/07/2017 04:52 PM, Paul Li wrote:
> I'm using Barnyard2 to load Snort alerts to MySQL database. In the iphdr table,
> src IP and dstIP are showing as a long number, such as the following
> Not sure what encoding/values they are. Just wondering how should I get the
> original values, which are in the case and

my eWAG is that they are likely simply decimal representations of the IPs...


seems that eWAG is right, too...

the decimal value of an IPv4 address can be found by converting it to base256... 
this page explains how to convert from the 32bit decimal numbers you are seeing 
to the dotted-quad IPv4 numbers you seek...


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