[Snort-users] Overriding securityonion_rules.xml

GRSmith grsmith at dakelake.com
Sun Aug 13 15:04:28 EDT 2017

Should it be possible to override/modify rules in securityonion_rules.xml
using entries in local_rules.xml?  If not, is it possible in some other way,
and if so how?

For example: I would like to temporarily force rule 111112 to ignore eth1.
perhaps with something like the following.  The syntax here may be wrong (or
non-optimal), but I cannot test because OSSEC server restart first
complains. ossec-analysisd: Overwrite rule '111112' not found.

<group name="local,syslog,">
  <rule id="111112" level="7">
    <match>eth2: 0|eth3: 0|eth4: 0</match>
    <description>Received 0 packets in designated time interval (defined in
ossec.conf).  Please check interface, cabling, and tap/span!</description>

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