[Snort-users] pfSense and Snort

Bryan misc7 at ...5068...
Mon Nov 7 00:45:29 EST 2016

Hi. I am wanting to purchase a SG-1000 from pfSense and I have been 
testing pfSense in VMware Player. I installed the Snort module and 
enabled all the rules. Except adding my oinkcode doesn't take it seems 
because when I update the rules the update says failed. Only 3 rule sets 
are updated except the rules using my oinkcode . Aside from that I'm 
wondering if I can block Nmap scans with Snort? I thought the new rules 
with my oinkcode would download and those rules  might block Nmap but as 
I stated I couldn't retrieve the rules. Also, I was successfully able to 
Nmap the VM guest. I don't know if this is due to being localhost or I 
need rules to block Nmap scans.

Thanks for your help,
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