[Snort-users] Centralized reporting server and Sensors - Possible mis-match

Pratibha Rajan paty.hillary at ...131...
Wed Jun 29 14:41:56 EDT 2016

We run Snort as an IDS with one centralized reporting server that is used to push the VRT updates to multiple sensors sitting in promiscuous mode. All the servers including the reporting server and sensors run with very old versions of Snort - on RHEL 5.3. Needless to say the Rules also haven't been updated for a long time. 

Now if we were to upgrade some sensors to RHEL 7.2 with Snort, what issues will we be looking at w.r.t- VRT updates and conflict with the central reporting server (Snort - on RHEL 5.3).
Will the Central reporting server still be able to download new rules(seeing that VRT updates have been EOL for

Thanks much
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