[Snort-users] Pulledpork modifyingsid error

Rahul Bhonsale rbhonsale at ...17208...
Wed Jun 29 11:29:01 EDT 2016

I just updated to snort 2.9.8 and was running pulledpork for the new rules and have come across this error...

Modifying Sids....
        Modifying GID:1,SID:2010939 from:\$EXTERNAL_NET to:!$HOME_NET
        Modifying GID:1,SID:2016149 from:\$EXTERNAL_NET to:$AMZIGNORE
        Modifying GID:1,SID:2016150 from:\$EXTERNAL_NET to:$AMZIGNORE
        Modifying GID:1,SID:2000419 from:\policy-violation to:\demote-rule
Can't find Unicode property definition "o" at /usr/local/bin/pulledpork.pl line 838, <FH> line 4.

I'm not really sure how to go about fixing this or where the problem lies.
Please help.

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