[Snort-users] Snort, VM or physical server ?

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Thu Jun 16 12:55:06 EDT 2016

I think in the end it isn’t so much which is better, but which meets your requirements and is most cost effective.  If you already have a hypervisor, VM’s are (relatively speaking) cheap.  Spin up a VM and see if it can handle the load you throw at it.  If so, then done in one.  If not, then increase VM guest resources.  If that’s not possible, then do some more homework given your specific implementation requirements and check out purchasing some hardware to back it up.

My personal preference is hardware, and a dedicated box.  I like having it separate, but I really could argue that one either way.



On Jun 16, 2016, at 11:49, Nicolas Lepolard <Nicolas.Lepolard at ...17447...<mailto:Nicolas.Lepolard at ...17447...>> wrote:


I have a simple question :

Is it better to install Snort on a virtual machine or on a physical server? And why ?

Thank you !

Nicolas Lepolard

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