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Wed Jun 15 08:38:10 EDT 2016

On 06/15/2016 04:47 AM, ARUN LAL wrote:
> =====================
> ERROR: /etc/snort/rules/snort.rules(6053) threshold (in rule): could not
> create threshold - only one per sig_id=2014141.
> =====================
> After uncommenting the rule in snort.rule the snort service is running fine.
>             *Why it happens always?? Can some explain it to me?*

it appears that that rule has in-rule thresholding (detection_filter:track 
by_src, count 10, seconds 60;) and you are trying to threshold it again in 
threshold.conf?? you cannot threshold already thresholded rules... if you want 
to threshold it in threshold.conf, you have to remove the thresholding from the 
rule itself...

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