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Yes, as far as I understand. In a very abstract form, the policy is expressed in the "metadata" keyword within each rule using definitions such as balanced-ips, security-ips . This is how PulledPork can tell which rules to enable based on the selected policy. There is a one-to-one mapping of policies between the ruleset and PulledPork (not sure about the max-ips through).


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Thanks for the link :-)

I knew that with some dedicated tools (like Pulledpork) you can generate your set of rules based on: connectivity, balanced or security profile.

Does it mean that the package delivered by default by Snort for the registered users (snortrules-snapshot-xxx.tar.gz) provides the same set of rules (known as "Balanced Base Policy") as the balanced-one built by Pulledpork ?

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Check this link: http://blog.snort.org/2013/10/snort-vrt-default-ruleset-rebalancing.html


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Hi all,

Does someone know what decides which rules are commented out (#) in the *.rules files contained in he snortrules-snapshot-29xx.tar.gz package?

Are they outdated ? So why do we keep them in the files ?



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