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Fri Jun 10 10:39:52 EDT 2016

So I believe im on the right track. I am in fact using event_filters via the threshold.conf file.

As we have 100+ locations and a few boxes in each location are triggering False Positives im adding 15-20 exceptions * 100+ locations. Just wanted to see if anyone knew of limits / thought this was a bad way to manage a rules / exceptions.

Thank you for your response!!


Jon Price
Senior Network Engineer

inSync Computer Solutions

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                Can you give an idea of what you are thresholding?

Thresholding has been deprecated in favor of detection and/or event filtering. You may be able to use those two methods instead.


You can also see some information on them in the README files.

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Subject: [Snort-users] Thresholds

Is there a rule of thumb for how many threshold suppressions or limits should be in place in threshold.conf ?

I'm up to almost 500 lines in my suppression config; but looking to make it 4-5x.

Any performance issues to be aware of? I sent a similar request a month or so ago; didn't hear anything back; not sure if it wasn't worded correctly.


Jon Price
Senior Network Engineer

inSync Computer Solutions

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