[Snort-users] Quest for the Holy Grail (A Snort GUI)

Okinda Ragwar oragwar08 at ...131...
Tue Jan 26 13:29:49 EST 2016

I have been searching and searching for a GUI for snort and finally found that cygwin will allow me to run linux commands. I found a snorby install guide in linux I beleive. Can I compile snorby through command prompt as I have set up my PC to run linux commands in command prompt? Here is the guide (http://www.emind.co/how-to/how-to-install-snorby). If I can compile snorby through this method of linux/windows command line then I'm good I ask becasue my cygwin isn't working at recognizing a linux command but command propmt does. If command prompt that is set up to run linux doesn't work then is there a way for me to install snorby with a non-functional cygwin? In other words plain windows command line.

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