[Snort-users] Snort IP blacklist issue (Pulledprok)

Nicolas Lepolard Nicolas.Lepolard at ...17447...
Wed Feb 3 11:35:20 EST 2016

Hi guys,
I have an issue with my PulledPork's installation ! 
When i try this command, i've got this error message : 
sudo /usr/local/bin/pulledpork.pl -c /etc/snort/pulledpork.conf -l

Checking latest MD5 for snortrules-snapshot-2980.tar.gz....
They Match
Rules tarball download of community-rules.tar.gz....
IP Blacklist download of http://talosintel.com/feeds/ip-filter.blf....
Reading IP List...
Couldn't read /opt/snort/tmp/648.041857729794-black_list.rules - Aucun 
fichier ou dossier de ce type
 at /usr/local/bin/pulledpork.pl line 540.
"/opt/snort/tmp/648.041857729794-black_list.rules") called at 
/usr/local/bin/pulledpork.pl line 431
main::rulefetch("open", "IPBLACKLIST0", "/opt/snort/tmp/", "
http://talosintel.com/feeds/ip-filter.blf") called at /usr/local/bin/
pulledpork.pl line 1946

I've seen other posts about this problem but i didn't find solution ! 

Can you help me please ? 

Snort :
PulledPorks : 0.7.2

Best regards


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