[Snort-users] reading folder of PCAP files

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Or you could go the old fashioned way, and for loop your Snort instance…

for i in `ls *.pcap`; do snort -r $i -c snort.conf > $i.txt; done

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The option you may want is this one:

--pcap-dir <dir>                a directory to recurse to look for pcaps - read mode is implied.

run ./bin/snort —help for the options list.

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Subject: [Snort-users] reading folder of PCAP files

sudo snort -r xxxx.pcap -c snort.conf   is use in reading/analyzing a single dataset (xxxx.pcap or darpa.tcpdump), but i will like to know if there is a way to read /analyze list of dataset in a folder. For example, i have around 12 pcap files in a folder called wwww, so i want to read them all at once using snort rules.
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