[Snort-users] Any Good Books out there?

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Thu Dec 1 19:57:23 EST 2016

On 12/01/2016 05:04 PM, Justin Pederson wrote:
> I just went through the Manual on the Reputation Preprocessor area and still
> having the same issues.  I created a text file called white.list.   On the
> snort.conf file in line 113 I have the variable listed correctly and verified it
> is called upon in line 511.  I am running snort on windows any idea on why the
> IP is still in the alerts?
> File name is white.list  (location c:\Snort\Rules\)
> Line 113 var WHITE_LIST_PATH c:\Snort\Rules
> Line 511 $WHITE_LIST_PATH\white.list, \

you still need to post your config file as i noted and pointed out in email... 
your config may not be the same as everyone else's... your line numbers don't 
mean anything outside of your configuration which is why we need to see your 
conf file ;)

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