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The Academic Committee of the IV SIC3RAC 2016, is pleased to invite you to
participate in the I Contest of Scientific and Academic Research (English
and / or Spanish) organized by the Directorate of Telematic and Statistics
of Peruvian Army, PukaraTech Secure SRL and EC Wise Inc.

You have until Sunday, May 31th to send us your article, containing a
photograph and a summary of your biography; the best articles will be
published on the web page and print media that are collaborating with the
SIC3RAC. In addition they will be awarded to the top 3, making an honorable
mention and prize giving them a surprise; at the closing ceremony (don’t be
worry about international participants, they equally will get prizes and
certificates, so specify in your biography address and zip code).


-What are the terms of the social contract that governs the behavior of
citizens, businesses and governments in cyberspace?

-How to find the right balance between freedom, security and economic
growth in the digital age?

-What happens with the increasing militarization of the Internet?

-How to protect individual rights in a world like virtual that is lack of

-What we must evoke states: the Governance of Internet or Cyberspace?

-Should Pith of the Internet be regulated as a public good and public

-The International bandwidth in developing countries and its relation to
the rate and access to capacity, transparency, governance and equity.

-The regulators and their response to the challenge of ensuring balanced
rules of the game.

-Cyberactivism involves the advent of a new power or counter?

-The Internet and its impact on the transformation of public space and the
state structure.

Contest open to the general public (national and international).

Send your articles to: concurso at ...17507...
Last day to send your article: 31th May.

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Subject: [Snort-users] Snort and Snorby Reports
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I am seeing a ton of Other Destination IP Addresses in my Daily reports
from Snorby.  This only started to happen 3 weeks ago and No changes have
been implemented.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, or a good way to track down if they are
actually getting through, or just being rejected, I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Lawrence S. Slifkin

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