[Snort-users] Assistance Request

Leo Nespoli leo4b at ...17494...
Wed Apr 13 09:08:10 EDT 2016

I'm asking on snort users list because I think it seems a snort's problem...
I've already used snort to monitor LAN communication, and now I'm trying to use it also on my local WiFi.
Searching on internet, I found some documentation on the Snort's integration with Kismet. 
By the way, do you think that there is a way to solve this problem?
Thanks for your time.
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Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 12:55:54 +0000
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Subject: Re: [Snort-users] Assistance Request

Just so we are clear.. do you have a snort issue or a problem with something else?
To understand snort rules you may want to start here:


Albert Lewis
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Columbia, MD 21046 
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Subject: [Snort-users] Assistance Request

Importance: High

I have been deploying a new pfSense machine using the core applications including SNORT.  I have the subscribed VRT rules installed, along with OpenAppID and ETOpen.
Today, I was finishing implementation and was unable to get out using LogMeIn and noticed the errors were coming from ET.  Then the headaches started when trying to add whitelist information.  Then I uninstalled the ET Rules.  Now, I am
 not convinced the VRT & OpenAppID Rules are working.  I just don’t understand the overall rules and such to apply in the way they need to be applied.  Completely different from Cisco and SonicWALL.
I need AND am happy to pay someone to do a review of my configuration and confirm I am not missing something.
I am in IT and have been using Cisco & SonicWALL UTMs in the past.  This learning curve is driving me crazy and as usual, the definitive answers on the web are subjective.  As usual, I’ve spent hours and hours on the web researching things
 and basically pulling out my hair.
Please, anyone with real world experience using pfSense 2.2.6, SNORT & SQUID3 (Which I removed today due to some basic routing problems that I just could not figure out) please reach out to me, we can work out payment and get these basic
 issues resolved.  If interested, this can also turn into a long term relationship as I really don’t want to become a pfsense engineer.  I am very capable for general maintenance, but don’t need another engineering degree.  LOL.
I am PST Time Zone AND thanks in advance for any response.
Eric S. Martin 
980-225-1270 (Office Direct)
704-999-1472 (Cell)
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