[Snort-users] Stream5 error

Dave Corsello snort-users at ...15598...
Thu Apr 7 14:08:12 EDT 2016

I'm getting a number of S5 errors like the following:

    Session exceeded configured max bytes to queue 1048576 using 1050000
    bytes (client queue). xx.xx.xx.xx 13624 --> xx.xx.xx.xx 80 (0) :
    LWstate 0x9 LWFlags 0x6007

I typically have not seen this error.  I'm not sure when it started.  
I'm concerned because in each case, the source and destination IPs are 
identical to one another, and because in each case the address is a 
public address outside of my network.  Can someone help me to understand 
what's happening, and if correctable, what kinds of Snort configuration 
changes can correct this?

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