[Snort-users] Block packets using snort with pf_ring

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See the manual here:


The easiest way is to add the blocking to the rule you want.

Add something like

resp: reset_both;

to your rule.

This is explained under the “Flexresp” section.

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Subject: [Snort-users] Block packets using snort with pf_ring

i am running snort- with pfring-6.0.3 ,libpcap-1.6.2 and i want to block the packets by writing snort rules.But i am not able to drop packets but they are logging the alerts.
please help me with the snort command and suggestions.
presently i am running snort with the following command  :

/usr/local/snort -Q --process-all-events -c /etc/snort.conf -d --daq pfring --daq-dir=/usr/local/lib/daq/ -l /usr/logs -i eth0:eth1

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