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We want to use rules:  snortrules-snapshot, community-rules and emerging.rules. Now.. we want use also PulledPork to preparing them (or could be Oinkmaster). Moreover I see snort and emerging have categories e.g. imap, smtp, malware, dos and so on. But community doesn't have - just one file.

# Community rules are already included in the snortrules-snaphsot (registered or subscription), hence they are already categorized.


My questions are:

- how to split custom rules into categories (by apps) like snort and emerging there are.. ?

# This can be done when your write your own rules in the "msg" option. For example MALWARE-CNC or MALWARE-OTHER. If you take a look at PulledPork enablesid.conf, for example, you can see how rules can be enabled by category. I hope this is what you are referring to by "categories".

- why so many of rules (in every of those groups) are commented out ? I know about three groups: Connectivity, Balanced, Security but when I use this approach I loose apps categorization approach (I think...)

# I am not sure I understand what you mean. Is it the separate rules files (malware-cnc.rules, etc.) that you lose? or is it something else?

- how to bring together these two approachs: categorization and apps ? because the best would be if we can first grab rules from Security group, and then grab from it rules just for malware e.g. and voip.

# PulledPork can do this as far as I recall. You specify the policy as "Security" and tell PulledPork to keep the rules in their respective rules files - or category, if I understand you correctly - instead of putting the all rules in one file.


Thanks in advance





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