[Snort-users] Segregating drop alerts

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Snort running as IDS would have rules just to alert whereas Snort as IPS would have a combination of rules with alert and drop. For rules that need to be dropped; the rule statement with "alert" needs to be changed to "drop" or "sdrop". Currently we aren't using sdrop.

1. I have some rules set to drop configured using pulledpork (dropsid.conf).

2. Now assume that I have around 10 rules configured as drop.My manager and my team is accessing the Snorby console and sees bunch of alerts in it. Currently console shows all alerts in combine. From the alerts is there a way by which they would be able to understand which rules are set to drop and which are set just to alert? I do not wish them or me to always refer the pulledpork dropsid file to know which rules are set to drop or keep a record of it in a different sheet. I know Snorby has an option where we can individually select view rule option to check if it is set to drop or alert. But this option isn't useful to me as it doesn't meet my objective.

The prime objective of this is - Just from accessing the console we should be able to differentiate which rules are set as drop and which aren't.


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Dear Anshuman,

Can you post an example of a "rule...set to drop"? I think we're probaby miscommunicating here.


} I mean to say the alerts for the rules that have been set to drop. We } have not set it as silent.
} So only some rules have been set to drop. The console should be able to } show if it is a alert for drop or just an } alert. This way we can decide what other rules we can configure for } drop.
} Hope this is preety clear.
} Regards,
} Anshuman
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