[Snort-users] Segregating drop alerts

Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt gl89 at ...1712...
Fri May 22 14:56:42 EDT 2015

Dear Anshuman,

Can you post an example of a "rule...set to drop"? I think we're probaby 
miscommunicating here.


} I mean to say the alerts for the rules that have been set to drop. We 
} have not set it as silent.
} So only some rules have been set to drop. The console should be able to 
} show if it is a alert for drop or just an
} alert. This way we can decide what other rules we can configure for 
} drop.
} Hope this is preety clear.
} Regards,
} Anshuman
Glenn Forbes Fleming Larratt
Cornell University IT Security Office

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