[Snort-users] Problems installing/configuring Snort on Fedora

snort_user redcrosse at ...3147...
Fri May 8 07:56:34 EDT 2015


Thanks for your reply.  I created the user and group, but when I use -g
and -u, Snort won't initialize.  The permissions must be the issue.  Is
there a way to diagnose the permissions?  

Thanks again,


On Fri, 2015-05-08 at 09:08 +0000, Y M wrote:
> Once you have the user/group created and permissions set, you can use
> the -g (denoting the group) and -u (denoting the user) when running
> Snort as daemon. In this case Snort initializes with a superior
> account and then drops privileges to that of the defined /user/group.
> YM
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