[Snort-users] Fwd: Can we change the documentation for the -c flag please?

adrianc at ...17159... adrianc at ...17159...
Thu May 7 20:11:32 EDT 2015

I'd like to report an issue I had with your definition.

I was trying to get Snort to interoperate with some new tools I could 
get to read Unified2 format but lost a day or two figuring out how to 
test the setup on the command-line. Eventually I found that it wasn't 
reading my configuration file and that I needed to tell it to with the 
-c option.

I distinctly reminder getting thrown by the concept of a "Rules File" 
which the snort command's -h documentation used to describe the option, 
not knowing that was the same as the configuration file at 
/etc/snort/snort.conf on Ubuntu.

Can we please change the documentation for the -c flag to "Use config 
file <rules>" or "Use Rules (config) File <rules>"? I think that would 
have been enough to avoid me loosing those days of work.


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