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They should be here https://snort.org/downloads under the openAppID section.

Open Detector Package (ODP)
ODP is a package that contains Cisco provided LUA detectors and some application
meta data. Specifically, it contains the following artifacts:
a. Application detectors in Lua language.

b. Port detectors, which are port only application detectors, in  meta-data in YAML format.

c. appMapping.data file containing application metadata. This file should not
   be modified.  The first column contains application identifier and last column
   contains application name.  Other columns contain internal information.

d. Lua library files DetectorCommon.lua, flowTrackerModule.lua and

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Where can I download the detectors for OpenAppID? I am using this tutorial and it says about the detectors. http://blog.snort.org/2014/03/openappid-install-video.html. I can not find them.
Thank you,

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