[Snort-users] Is it possible to extract URIs and store in a file?

waldo kitty wkitty42 at ...14940...
Mon Mar 23 17:45:36 EDT 2015

On 3/22/2015 7:20 AM, Rishabh Shah wrote:
> Hi Snort-Experts,
> I am looking for an efficient way to extract the URIs from all HTTP GET requests
> and store it in a file. The only possible way that I could think of is to
> generate an alert for all HTTP traffic and read the URI from snort.alert file,
> which would be highly resource intensive.
> Any help would be highly appreciated.

in one word? proxy...

to elaborate, a web proxy generally provides the urls for the traffic is 

FWIW: tools like snort are for Intrusion Detection and Prevention... not for 
jobs like this except possible in very extreme circumstances...

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