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I have seen this error occur frequently with Snort on Windows, but not
always with a clearly identified cause. Can you confirm that the pcap
output plugin (where log_tcpdump is referenced in snort.conf) is disabled
(that is, commented out)? In addition to ensuring that the line “output
log_tcpdump: tcpdump.log” is commented out (in Step #6 of snort.conf), I
would recommend also including a log directory at the end of Step #2 (a
typical entry would be “config logdir: c:\Snort\log”). Some users have
reported fixing this error by declaring the log directory in the Snort
startup command, with “-l c:\Snort\log” (the command line option there is a
lowercase L, if that’s not clear in this font).



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I'm running Win7 with snort and got this error

the daq version does not support reload.
ERROR: log_tcpdump: Failed to open log file "log/snort.log.1426468125
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How to i fix this?

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