[Snort-users] need assistance - no so rules with pulled pork

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For .so rules: http://vrt-blog.snort.org/2009/01/using-vrt-certified-shared-object-rules.html

To run snort in IDS mode you need to add “-c” and point to a conf file so it can load the preprocessors:


Hope this helps.

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Subject: [Snort-users] need assistance - no so rules with pulled pork

Hi Everybody,

I'm having different issues when I have tried to configure pulledpork in my raspberry pi (Raspbian) ,
Firstly , it didn't generate the snort.rules , but I tried several times, tried to check the pulledpork.conf
rename the path file, and after it, It successfully generated the snort.rules but not the .so rules ...

please, Is there anybody that it can help me?

Also, I would like to activate the predecessor for port scan, I have tried to include a code in the snort.conf file (since 426-447) but when I ran snort -b

I got a warning:

WARNING: No preprocessors configured for policy 0.

Attached there are my pulledpork.conf and snort.conf files, and output in -verbose mode .

Thank you in advance,

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