[Snort-users] Depth vs. offset in rules

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Tue Mar 3 11:39:35 EST 2015


In reading chapter 3 of the Snort manual, I have a clarification question for the use of “depth” vs. “offset”.

Depth appears to specify where to start a content match in the packet payload, so if I understand correctly:


…would mean begin content matching 5 bytes into the packet payload.

When compared to offset, does that mean offset relative to the depth ?  So:

	depth:5; offset:10; …

…means start at byte 5 in the packet payload and an offset from the depth as a starting location of another 10 bytes ?  I am thinking that is correct because I note that offset can have negative values and a negative starting point for a packet payload would not make sense, but as an offset it would.


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