[Snort-users] Unclear on active response MAC address

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The manual also lists:

"dst_mac will change response destination MAC address, if the device is eth0, eth1, eth2 etc.
Otherwise, response destination MAC address is derived from packet."

Think about it like this:

Suppose you were sending the packet to a host on another segment. Or needed to reset from out a different interface.... How would the traffic get to them? 

When snort injects the packet  it will use the MAC from the packet as the return. But you can send the resets out of another interface if need be as well. Some users "don't like" the idea of inline so they monitor on one interface in passive mode then inject traffic out another interface. 

Hope this helps.

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Under the active response section in the Snort manual, I see the syntax for configuring sniping in passive mode is:

	config response: [device <dev>] [dst_mac <MAC address>] attempts <att>

I don't understand the purpose of being able to configure the destination MAC address.  Does that change the MAC address in the frames that are sent as sniping runs and if so, why would I be concerned with that being something configurable ?

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