[Snort-users] [Snort-user] dynamic variable for content match

Al Lewis (allewi) allewi at ...589...
Mon Jan 26 15:34:05 EST 2015

I think what you are saying is that you want to:

1)  type into a terminal
2)  have that word added to a rule
3) have snort alert based on that content in that rule

If so you are probably going to have to create something for this as it will need to get the input, write/save the rule and reload snort again each time. I am not aware of a way to do this "cleanly". 

Maybe someone else can chime in if they have had experience with that.

Sorry in advance if I misinterpreted what you were asking. 

Hope this helps.

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hello All, i am new in snort. i want to get a keyword from ubunt terminal and search it in packet( content match). do this with static value is something like this:
alert tcp any any -> any any (msg:" your content found"; sid:100000; content:"something to find"; ) Any help is highly appreciated.

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