[Snort-users] barnyard2, syslog and pulling the packet data

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Subject: [Snort-users] barnyard2, syslog and pulling the packet data

Hello everyone,
This is the requirement:From a syslog message that describes an alert to be able to grab the entire packet that caused this alert.
I thought of few ways to do this, and after considering other requirements as well, came to the conclusion that I would like to work in this way:
1. snort output to unified2 files.2. barnyard2 reads the files and takes two outputs:a. syslog.b. database.
Based on the information in the syslog message, I'll be able to correlate between the message and the saved event. 
As far as I understand, the correlation should be done using sid and cid. However, I can't find them in the syslog message.
** sid is for the sensor id; if you have one sensor or one Snort/barnyard2 instance forwarding events to DB, then this value will always be 1. If you have multiple sensors or Snort/Barnyard2 instances, then each one will have its own id. Keep in mind that these values are incremental. This is "internally" created by Barnyard2/DB - based on name uniqueness I guess - and is not generated by Snort. ** cid is for the events seen by a particular sensor or Snort/Barnyard2 instance. Again, this is something tracked by Banryard2/DB and not Snort.
Am I missing something?
** An option would be 1) since you already know the sensor name/hostname, get its sid, 2) since you already know the signature id (sig_sid), get its sig_id. 3) From here may be you can use the timestamp of the event itself. While may not be as unique as the combination of (sid+cid), this may get you started.


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