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Fri Jan 16 11:58:09 EST 2015

http://blog.snort.org/2015/01/snort-2956-end-of-life-is-approaching.html <http://blog.snort.org/2015/01/snort-2956-end-of-life-is-approaching.html>
> Snort End of Life is approaching
> As a reminder, Snort is approaching it's End of Life next week (1-21-2014), at which point we will no longer be building and distributing that version of the ruleset.
> While the amount of people that are downloading this ruleset is very small, we want to encourage you to upgrade to a currently supported version (, in order to stay current.
> In addition, please review your Oinkmaster and PulledPork configuration to make sure it is downloading the correct version of the ruleset as well.  We have about 30,000 people a day that are requesting invalid versions, and would love to see those people migrate to a current version as well. 
> Especially those of you that are attempting to download version 2.2 of the ruleset, which we haven't produced in about 12 years. 
> In order to review our EOL dates and policies, please visit: https://snort.org/eol <https://snort.org/eol>

Joel Esler
Open Source Manager
Threat Intelligence Team Lead
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