[Snort-users] man page doesn't list two valid alert modes

Ely Petty elypforums at ...131...
Sun Jan 4 03:43:57 EST 2015


The man page for snort doesn’tlist two valid alert modes.  If I run thecommand “man snort” to view the snort man page, next to the –A alert-modeoption, it says “Valid alert modes include fast, full, none, and unsock”.   However, when I run the command “snort--help”, it also lists the modes console and test (in addition to all the modeslisted in the man page).

This caused me some confusion as Iam just learning snort and trying to determine valid alert mode options forsimple testing of alerts.

Can the man page be corrected sothat the –A option lists the console and test modes?

I am using snort version (Build 149), which was compiled from source.

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