[Snort-users] pop: Unknown POP3 response/command

Matteo De Rosa matteo.derosa at ...17411...
Fri Dec 18 10:43:29 EST 2015

I have just installed snort and I observe a lot of false (I suppose) positive. I start from this:

 < Signature > 	 < Classification > 	 < Total # > 	 Sensor # 	 < Source Address > 	 < Dest. Address > 	 < First > 	 < Last > 
      	[snort] pop: Unknown POP3 response	protocol-command-decode	2962(0%)	1	37	

Source address is correctly our mail-server. Dest address are our LAN client.
Can it a version problem from server and client ?
But, the thing that is close to my heart: how can i ack this event and don't see in BASE web front-end ?

Thanks to all for any contribution


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