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I noticed on the GitHub Security Onion Wiki that it requires a Span Port - “For a production deployment, you'll need a tap or SPAN/monitor port. Here are some inexpensive tap/span solutions:”. These solutions look like they are not compatible with AWS.

My findings are that AWS does not support Span, Tap or Mirror on their network layer to get a copy of traffic to inspect which is needed for Network IDS. so I am confused as to how this solution could be deployed for NIDS on AWS. Same thing holds true for Snort.

I have only been successful finding Host Based IDS solutions for AWS which require an Agent on each node. Either they do the IDS analysis on the node itself or do a “soft-tap” on the host’s network adapter (Not at the VPC Perimeter) and pass it to an IDS manager.

How do you do inline HIDS on AWS is my question. I am coming up with a lot of the same questions out there but no answers.


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Thanks Rodgers for reply,

I am running my production environment on public cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS), where i don't have control for installing iso/img etc.

Is SecurityOnion equivalent to OSSIM ?

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Can’t recommend SecurityOnion highly enough.

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Is it possible to install snort in IDS mode on multiple servers (AWS EC2 instances ) and have a central server where analysis can be done through gui and also alerts/notification can be managed like OSSEC ?

If yes, what is the tools to use and how to move ahead?


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