[Snort-users] Snort production setup design

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If you want to massively scale and don’t want performance issues I would just install snort on some Linux boxes in aws and use a SIEM like LogRhythm to manage alerting and notifications. If you want to know more just message me, you can do some cool stuff like build your own black lists and auto remediate malicious activity.

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Thanks Rodgers for reply,

I am running my production environment on public cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS), where i don't have control for installing iso/img etc.

Is SecurityOnion equivalent to OSSIM ?

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Can’t recommend SecurityOnion highly enough.

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Is it possible to install snort in IDS mode on multiple servers (AWS EC2 instances ) and have a central server where analysis can be done through gui and also alerts/notification can be managed like OSSEC ?

If yes, what is the tools to use and how to move ahead?


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