[Snort-users] --enable-open-appid failing even though luajit is installed

Avery Rozar avery.rozar at ...17372...
Mon Dec 7 13:30:19 EST 2015

I'm trying trying to install Snort 2.8 on FreeBSD with the
--enable-open-appid configuration option. It's failing complaining
that luajit is not installed. I did install luajit 2.0.4 from source with
default options and verified with "which luajit", this is the response
"/usr/local/bin/luajit". There does not seem to be an option for
"--with-luajit-libraries=DIR" in the ./configure --help.

checking for luajit... no

  ERROR!  LuaJIT library not found.....

Am I missing another dependency?


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