[Snort-users] how to set paf_max unlimited to get all of the http response between <html> and </html> in single stream

Qasim Javed qasim.javed at ...17373...
Thu Dec 3 05:30:13 EST 2015

   I have enabled TCP reassembly in snort.conf and have *set paf_max to
63780 *but my pcap to be analyzed contains response of bytes greater than
100000 and  we can find two contents which must come in 63780 but my
*content_no.1* is in first *63780* and *content_no.2* is in 2nd chunk of
bytes got after flushing.So my rule is not generating alert, how can i fix
this issue and make it unlimited.
I have attached *snort.conf*.

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