[Snort-users] test string not alerting

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Are you generating tcp based traffic that contains the content “poop”?

Also your rule SID should be above one million for local rules.

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I can do a simple ICMP alert that works:
alert icmp any any -> any ( msg: "ICMP packet to high value target!"; sid: 1; rev:1; priority: 1;)

Yet I cant create a simple text string detector to detect HTML strings:
alert tcp any any <> any any (msg:"somebody farted"; content:"poop"; sid: 2; rev:2; priority: 1;)

I wouldnt waste a mailing lists time with this, but I've setup an entire ESXI lab with routers, switches, security monitors, and THIS.. THIS is what is stumping me.

hints/clues/suggestions welcome.



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