[Snort-users] Save reassembled session if keyword is found. 2

Joel Esler (jesler) jesler at ...589...
Tue Aug 25 18:28:15 EDT 2015

Why would you do this?  Just use Snort (or better yet, daemonlogger) to write the pcap traffic to disk.

Joel Esler
Manager, Threat Intelligence Team & Open Source
Talos Group

On Aug 25, 2015, at 5:52 PM, Hyun Yoo <easetheworld at ...11827...<mailto:easetheworld at ...11827...>> wrote:

Another question with 'session:binary'.
To save all tcp stream, I used a rule
"alert tcp any any <> any any (session:binary)"
It seems worked except the reassembled result is partly duplicated. for example

220 ESMTP ready
MAIL From:<abc at ...17292...<mailto:abc at ...17292...>>
EHLO                    // duplicated
MAIL From:<abc at ...17292...<mailto:abc at ...17292...>> // duplicated

Has anyone used 'session:binary' and seen this issue?
Is this the only way to save the whole session?

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