[Snort-users] Barnyard2 - Where is the latest beta tar?

Charlie ForFun2000 at ...125...
Mon Aug 24 07:57:58 EDT 2015


I have been using the 'stable' Barnyard2 V2-1.13 as shown in Barnyard2.h
#define PROGRAM_NAME    "Barnyard"
#define VER_MAJOR       "2"
#define VER_MINOR       "1"
#define VER_REVISION    "13"
#define VER_BUILD       "327"

IF you look in https://github.com/firnsy/barnyard2/commits/master
you will see that some nice peoples have been making their bug fixes
public 8-)

Look in "Commits on Dec 17, 2014 @firnsy updated: aligned snort includes
to latest upstream"
the version in Barnyard2.h jumps to
#define VER_REVISION    "13"
#define VER_BUILD    "334"

Then look at "Fix: Issue where the spooler would reuse wrongly cached
event, found"
#define VER_REVISION    "14"
#define VER_BUILD    "336"

So my question is: Where can I find the latest 'build' version of
Barnyard2 v2-1.14.336.tar.gz or higher?

Thanks in advance

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