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So SNORT is a community of people so Ia m going to try to reach out to you all.
Let me explain a few things first:
#1 - I am NOT an expert so don't speak to me like one please#2 - I am using Windows Server 2012, that is what's available#3 - I will show you the same level of respect you show me#4 - I am NOT an expert so my terminology may be lacking#5 - Baby Step please I REALLY would love to sort this out#6 - I only want to run SNORT in IDS Mode
So with that out of the way I have installed SNORT Version on Server 2012 64 bit OS.  I am sure this is likely my first problem. I have obtained my snortcode and downloaded my rules and have them in the c:\snort\rules folder but when I try to compile (?) my snort.conf using this command:
>snort  -i 1 -l  c:\snort\log  -c  c:\snort\etc\snort.conf  -T
I get the following :
>ERROR: c:\snort\etc\snort.conf(278) Missing/incorrect dynamic engine lib specifier. Fatal Error, Quitting..
Have tried to Google this but it turns up only old information.  Was using this site as a sort of how-to but its not very well worded plus is dated info I think?  
Have also attached the Snort.conf file but its only had a few changes.
Thank you in advance ~ Phil 		 	   		  
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