[Snort-users] Strange startup message

Frank Ripepi frankrip at ...9090...
Mon Aug 17 20:56:32 EDT 2015

Used snort some 10 years ago and returned yesterday. Got things up and
running on windows monitoring my internal home network. Everything worked
great, logging, success!


Aborted snort, but left WinPcap running when I retired for the evening.
Restarted snort using same command line args, making no changed to the
config file, and received this error: ERROR: c:\snort\etc\snort.conf(0)
Failed to parse the IP address:  Tried a backup
copy of the config and same error. Rebooted and Snort ran fine.


Is this something that WinPcap sniffed up while Snort was down and should I
be worried?


Thanks for any help!

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