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Got it !
Yeah it is GID 116 and SID 278/281. These alerts are in "decoder.rules" and the details are in "gen-msg.map".
Comment or Uncomment "include preproc_rules/decoder.rules" seems to be ineffective since I'm using pulledpork. I saw in the pulledpork.conf that all rules are regroup in "snort.rules" so I commented there the alerts I wanted to disabled.

Thanks for your help!


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These are decoder rules (GID 116). You should have an include  in your snort.conf for a decoder.rules file:

"include preproc_rules/decoder.rules"

The decoder.rules file is where you want to look.

Hope this helps.

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I'm running snort on a VPS (Debian 7.5).
I'm just trying some basics config and I'm receiving mainly this two alerts :

  *   [**] [116:278:1] (snort_decoder) WARNING: IPv6 packet with reserved multicast destination address [**]
[Classification: Generic Protocol Command Decode] [Priority: 3]header includes an invalid value for the "next header" field
  *   [**] [116:281:1] (snort_decoder) WARNING: IPv6 header includes an invalid value for the "next header" field [**]
[Classification: Generic Protocol Command Decode] [Priority: 3]
I failed to find where these alerts are described and also where to disable them.
I had "config ipv6_frag: bsd_icmp_frag_alert off, bad_ipv6_frag_alert off" into snort.conf but it didn't disable the alerts.
Any ideas?
Finally, [116:278:1] stand for [gid,sid,rev] ?


Gabriel Corré
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