[Snort-users] Running DARPA2000 datasets in Snort within MyCloud!!

Saeed Alqahtani saeed.sahnoon at ...11827...
Sat Aug 8 14:59:40 EDT 2015

Hi All,

I am doing a reaserach testing the effectiveness of Snort IDS|IPS in order
to improve the performance of MyCloud. This is because of the fact there is
an argument that Fuzzy Logic will play an important factor to improve the
MyCloud performance later on.

* What are done so far:
1- IDS|IPS have been configured using Snort (Redhat)
2- Snorby has been configured (ubuntu)
3- MyCloud has been built using vCloud (ESXi.5.5 Server,
vCenterServer+vShieldServer+ActiveDirectir+vCloud). They are VMware
products and IaaS cloud type.
4- Snort and snorby and other machines have been deployed into MyCloud.

What is required:
1- Running DRAPA2000 datasets within MyCloud
2- Compare the results to the exsting results until getting satisfied
results by developing Snort rules.

So hope this is clear enough, and please help or help to find someone who
could help to get the required section done. Thanks

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