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Hi Al,

Thank for the reply.
I understand tagging will log other traffics between the source and destination IPs.
Can tagging log traffics from a host other than the source IP to the destination IP? Or can it log traffics from the source IP to a host other than the destination IP?

Thanks again?

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Hello Qiao,

Do you want to just capture "interesting traffic" (alert) or ALL traffic from src and destination after the initial alert as well?

Tagging allows you to log any other traffic between those hosts for a specified time or packet count after the initial alert.

For the logging you have several output formats to choose from.

Section on tagging: http://manual.snort.org/node34.html#SECTION00475000000000000000

Section on logging: http://manual.snort.org/node21.html

Hope this helps!

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I have a question on how the tag:host works. I have a rule based on the content of the packet as

alert udp $HOME_NET any -> any any (msg:"suspicious traffic--";content:"bad content";nocase; tag:host, 60, packets, dst; classtype:bad-unknown;sid:1000001;rev:0;)

I want to capture traffic of coming from any HOME_NET host to the destination IP in the alert packets.
Will "tag:host" and the "dst" option work?
If it works, in which file will the captured packets by the tag:host be stored?
How can we easily associate the packets captured by the tag:host action with the packets captured by the snort alert?


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