[Snort-users] Snort and barnyard2 1.13 on RHEL via RPM

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Dear Tomas,


I had the same problem and it was resolved by setting “BINARY_LOG=0” in /etc/sysconfig/snort and restarted snort.

See this article:





especially the section…..



If you include the switch -A full, snort appears to change the file name it uses for its output. The -A switch determines the alert mode, and can be set to full, fast, or none Interestingly, I found that no matter which of those choices you make, the name of the output file changes to snort.log. We can handle this problem by commenting out line 69 in /etc/sysconfig/snort so that portion of the file reads


# How should Snort alert? Valid alert modes include fast, full, none, and

# unsock.  Fast writes alerts to the default "alert" file in a single-line,

# syslog style alert message.  Full writes the alert to the "alert" file

# with the full decoded header as well as the alert message.  None tu#rns off

# alerting. Unsock is an experimental mode that sends the alert information

# out over a UNIX socket to another process that attaches to that socket.

# -A {alert-mode}

# output alert_{type}: {options}


This almost solves the problem. We also cannot use the -b switch to specify tcpdump format for the logs. Modify line 81 of /etc/sysconfig/snort so that portion becomes


# Should Snort keep binary (AKA pcap, AKA tcpdump) logs also? This is

# recommended as it provides very useful information for investigations.

# -b

# output log_tcpdump: {log name}


If you make these changes to /etc/sysconfig/snort then restart it, it will now correctly send its results to the files /var/log/snort/snort.u2



Good lucky,





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Hello Everyone, 

I have barnyard2 1.13, snort, working on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6 installed via rpms.

I am running both barnyard2 and snort using their typical config files snort.conf and barnyard2.conf but also with the RHEL way of using sysconfig and init scripts.

I had many problems initially getting unified2 logging to work but finally came to what I believe to be the underlying issue.  This was after running through the removal of -A and -b, for specifics I mean modifying the parameters in /etc/sysconfig/snort to set the following:

The larger problem for me seems to be the init scripts.  For barnyard2 it assumes a log directory of /var/log/snort/$INTERFACE where $INTERFACE is the name of the network interface (e.g. eth0, or eth1).  The snort init script seems to make a special case of running snort on a single interface and as such logs to /var/log/snort/ with a single interface and /var/log/snort/$INTERFACE/ when multiple interfaces are specified in the sysconfig file.  This means that when I have only 1 network interface configured, snort is writing the merged.log to /var/log/snort/ but barynard2 expects it to be in /var/log/snort/eth0/.  

I tried to change the value of LOG_FILE in /etc/sysconfig/barnyard2 to ../merged.log or /var/log/snort/merged.log but it appears that that variable is stripped down to just the filename so I can't seem to fix it with that.   I also noted that barnyard2 also expects a timestamp to be appended to the unified2 log (so unified2 logging also needs to have nostamp removed in /etc/snort/snort.conf default config ).

I confess that I am a new user of snort and barnyard2 and this had me stumped for a day or two and I am wondering how others are maintaining snort and barnyard2 on a RHEL system with RPM installs?

Has anyone experience the same that I have?  

Have I missed something obvious or is my assessment above correct?

I admit at the moment I just added a second interface to snort and now have snort and barnyard2 logging and reading from the same corresponding directories ( /var/log/snort/eth0 and /var/log/snort/eth1) but is there a way to get this to work properly with just one interface?


Any advice would be appreciated.





                Tomas Hajek

                hajek at ...6518...


                Senior Linux Systems Engineer

                University Technology Services

                Oakland University

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