[Snort-users] Reg: Snort Rule for HTTP traffic

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Tue Apr 7 10:26:15 EDT 2015



I have been struggling with a particular rule for some time now and was
hoping for some ideas to resolve my problem.


Here is what I wish to achieve:


If any IP's outside my $HOME_NET initiates HTTP communication with my
$HTTP_SERVERS server, I want an alert to be generated for the same and the
HTTP request dumped as well so that I can review it later.


Here is what I am doing currently (preprocessor rule):


alert tcp !$HOME_NET any ->  $HTTP_SERVERS $HTTP_PORTS (msg: "Detected
Traffic "; flow:to_server,established; sid: 1000001; rev:1; metadata:
service http; session: printable;)


I have the stream5 , http_inspect preprocessors configured in snort.conf

What this does is although it generates alert correctly and prints the HTTP
session for requests coming from outside $HOME_NET , it is also printing the
HTTP session for traffic from within my $HOME_NET server ip's , so basically
all HTTP traffic is being dumped at this point. I am using a /24 mask for
$HOME_NET and /32 mask for my $HTTP_SERVERS.

Is there something I am missing ? Or will another approach help?

Any help/guidance will be greatly appreciated.



Ravi Menon

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