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Your network topology and the amount of traffic you see on your network is more of a factor than how many users. The amount of traffic each sensor sees will dictate the type of hardware (cpu, memory, disk space etc) you need.

Snort runs well on your average x86 hardware so as long as the box itself isn't oversubscribed it will do just fine.

Worst case scenario we will be happy to sell you a few sensors as well as some ASA's to replace those Fortinet firewalls (  shameless sales pitch fail! :) ).

Either way let us know how it goes and if you have any questions once you get going send them in!

Hope this helps!

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My company wants to install a modern security solution and it has been suggested that we use SNORT for the IDS solution.
We have about 200 users and 8 VLANs segmenting users ,servers, DMZ, video conf as well as VOIP. We are running Fortinet Firewalls and have a 100meg internet uplink.
What we are looking for is how many sensors do we need and what kind of server do we need and what kind of space, memory and proc power do we need?
Any suggestions would be great. Oh, we want to run it on a Windows platform (yes I know Unix based is better) but that what the company wants.
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