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Leon Vergottini leonv at ...17132...
Thu Apr 2 03:02:01 EDT 2015

Dear Community


I am trying to install the latest version of Snort on a Centos 6 minimal
installing.  I have followed the installation Guide
(https://www.snort.org/documents/snort-2-9-7-x-on-centos-6-x-and-7-x) to the
teeth.  However, every time I configure DAQ, I get the following out


Build AFPacket DAQ module.. : yes

Build Dump DAQ module...... : yes

Build IPFW DAQ module...... : yes

Build IPQ DAQ module....... : no

Build NFQ DAQ module....... : yes

Build PCAP DAQ module...... : yes

Build netmap DAQ module...... : no


IPQ and netmap is not configured.  What do I need to install to enable these
modules?  I have Googled and look at Debain based installations as well to
try and figure out what I am missing.


Kind Regards


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